Why is Audio Integration Important to Your Business?

What is Audio Integration?Office audio integration for music

Do you remember, as a child, having your mother scream up the steps for you to come downstairs ? I certain remember my mother’s voice filling the house for everyone to hear! As a professional, this is a method you would gladly avoid. Not only is yelling through the hallways extremely inappropriate, it is highly annoying! As you know, there are many methods of communication within the work place such as walking, phone systems, messaging, and more. However, there are not a lot methods that only target certain areas of a business. One of our “Seven Points,” Audio Integration, can do just that for your business!

Audio Integration for Music

At Seven Points Technology Integrators, we specialize in Audio Integrations throughout your business. Integration of your audio system will not only allow you to have zone paging, but also music and sound masking systems. These systems are great for keeping your clients and your visitors engaged. Silent offices tend to be distracting or unnerving. For this reason, Audio Integration is a key in large buildings and factories! According to Johns Hopkins University, certain types of music can create a healthy learning environment and help people feel welcome to engage in learning experiences. Not only could it help your employees learn, but if Johns Hopkins believes that it helps attitude and motivation to learn by setting up and maintaining attention and focus by cheering up or calming us down.  Additionally, the university also states that music helps build a positive community that brings out cooperation and development.

Zone Paging with Audio IntegrationAudio integration for zone paging in a car dealership.

One of the most common facilities that utilize Audio Integration is car dealerships and large stores. Have you have been in the lobby waiting for your turn to test drive your dream car? Then you have heard a voice over the speaker system letting a salesman know a car was available? Or have you been at Lowes and you hear someone being called in Lawn and Garden? These facilities need an easy way to get the attention of one or multiple employees; therefore, they have integrated zone paging to there audio systems! Once you allow Seven Points Technology Integrator to integrate audio into your facility, you will love how easy it is to reach your employees without causing a massive disturbance to your employees and clients.

Contact Our Technology Integrators Indianapolis Company Today

We would love to start working on your Audio Integration on your new facility. We know it is always difficult to start a large project like this! Feel assured that we will take care of the process for you.  If you have any questions or would like us to come take a look at where we can start, please feel free to contact us! Our experienced staff wants you to be satisfied and stress free throughout the whole process! However, if you are just starting to build, we would love to speak with your contractors so that we can work with them to create the best laid out plan for all of you Audio Integration needs. We cannot wait to hear from you!

Why Updated Technology is Important to Your Business’ Success

Whether you’re in the Dental, Medical, Commercial, or Industrial industry, there are always room for technological improvements within your company.

With the popularity of remote workforces at an all-time high and disparate teams worldwide, the way we consume technology, including print and imaging changes daily. Long gone are the days of hitting ‘ctrl Print’ to send a document to your dedicated desktop printer or to your network printer that the office shares. Today’s workforces create and share digital documents via email, social networks and cloud services at a rapid pace. This makes life much easier for many companies and also allows files to be transferred super quickly. In the olden days, remember having to ship documents via mail or ups? You would print the document, stuff it in an envelope, weigh it, add the correct postage and or label to the package and then wait for the post office or the UPS to pick it up. This not only is time consuming, but it could get “lost” and you are using a lot of paper and ink, which as we all know is not beneficial for the environment. Now all you have to do is upload and hit send, which is simple for the user, but also quick and these documents can reach multiple people within seconds.

These shifts in how we do business drive trends including major advancements in print management. In order to keep pace, enterprise organizations are implementing improved print strategies and print management resources faster than ever. In fact, aggregate enterprise spending on print hardware, software and services is forecasted to reach $160 billion by 2020.

Signs Your Business Needs to Implement New Business Technologies

If any of the following statements apply to your business, it’s probably time for you to begin researching new technologies:

  • There are inconsistencies and/or inaccuracies in your accounting, inventory, or order processing
  • You are unable to keep up with or properly track growing sales orders
  • Manual or disparate tracking processes are killing your productivity
  • You are experiencing failures and/or limitations with your current systems
  • There is a lack of communication between your systems

Why is Technology Important to Businesses?

  • Communication with Customers. If you do not have a smooth line of communication, you will loose customers, which will halt your company from growing. It is important to have technology that makes is easier to communicate, no matter where your customers are.
  • Efficiency. For efficient workflow, your technology needs to be streamlined throughout your company. When your documents or systems are all organized, this increases productivity. This is where we come into play, we will streamline all of your technology, for overall efficiency to maximize profitability.
  • Business Relations. When your company becomes mainly digital, you have access to so many different options. Let’s be honest, people want everything at their fingertips and as quickly as possible.  You can become more creative with your technology and reach a much wider prospective clientele. This should all be cost effective, while making a positive impact on them.
  • Security. It is essential to understanding how you are protected once you purchase your new technology. Understand where your information is stored, how secure it is from hackers and also how often the information is backed up. Know what you are getting into, before just agreeing to implement new software, etc.
  • Acquiring New Opportunities. New technology allows you to reach more people and in a shorter time. This increases workflow and creates a streamlined process throughout your entire company. You may integrate reliable technology that gives you more free time, to be able to reach out to other potential clients to increase your business.

Whatever the reason you want to add or update your technology is, find a company that is reliable and that understands your needs. They should be able to give you a plan that will not only increase workflow, but also fit in the needs of your company, not only the wants. Feel free to reach out to us today to discuss ways we can help your company integrate technology to improve productivity.

5 Tips to Help Choose the Best Technology for Your Small Business

In this day and age, having the best technology for your company is key. This helps keep your business organized and also can put you a step above your competitors. Many companies use technology to improve productivity among their employees, make communication easier via customers and the company and also to keep your company organized on all levels. It is a competitive world out there, so how do you know what the best fit is for your company?

There are many questions that you may need to address to make sure you pick the right technology to fit your company.

  1. Think of your Companies needs, not wants. This can be tricky, but also very important. Many companies jump the gun and want the latest and greatest of certain items. But is this really the most beneficial for the needs of the company? Since technology changes and new versions of certain items come up so rapidly, think about where the new item would benefit your business. For example, cell phones are always adding newer versions constantly. If the only feature that changed is the device is a tiny bit smaller, is it really necessary to spend the money to upgrade your phone? Fact check before jumping the gun to the next device.
  2. Choose Technology that helps you grow. Since technology changes so often, invest wisely. We all know that purchasing technology can be pricey, therefore perform you research when buying. It’s not a bad idea to look up similar businesses and see what they use. Check reviews, get feedback from others and list the pros and cons of each.
  3. Make a list of what areas of your company needs improvement. It is a good idea to make a list of each department and jot down ideas of ways that it can be improved. Is there outdated equipment and or software that is slowing down your employees? Common departments that could be analyzed are: Accounting, Human Resources, Customer Service and Technology departments. Are there old databases, phone systems, computers, etc. The main goal is to think of ways your company can improve workflow and meeting the customers needs.
  4. Have an alternative plan. Always have a back up of files, networks, websites, etc. Technology is not fool proof and it cannot be the only thing you can rely on to run your business.
  5. Have Support. It is important to know the support you will get one you purchase your technology. You may need this is something goes wrong. That is why it is best to either have someone on staff or know the resources that are available for you when you purchase.

All of these items will help you begin the process of choosing the right technology for your small business. It is important to research, check reviews and also ask people in similar fields what they use and how it works for them. Technology is suppose to be a bonus, not a headache. We are here to assist with all of these needs! Feel free to contact us today!

Learn About Our Process at Seven Points Indianapolis

Is Seven Points right for you?

So you need to set up new technology in your new office space, but you do not know where to start. Well first you need to find the right company in your area. Look no further, Seven Points Indianapolis is your one stop shop! We work with Industrial, Commercial, Dental, and Medical offices, in the Indianapolis area.

What are Our “Seven Points“?

  • Seven Points will design VOICE systems for phone systems that work with client management, auto attendant, and call forwarding.
  • We will make sure that you have the DATA that you need to keep your business day running smoothly.
  • We can build a VIDEO plan to provide your building with patient viewing monitors and waiting room TV’s.
  • We can design an AUDIO plan for zone paging, music, and sound making experience.
  • We keep your SECURITY in mind while designing and installing cameras that you can view from your cellphone.
  • With your architect and builder we ensure your POWER runs to all of your essentials.
  • We can create SPECIALTY NEEDS, such as remote access and other advanced technologies.

Now that you know more about what we can offer, how do you go about requesting our services?

The first step that our Technology Integrators will do is have a consultation with you. We want to be sure to be there from the very beginning to make sure that you are getting the best quality work. We will design a plan with your architectures and builders to make sure your technology needs are adequately met.

The second step is for us to build a design plan for you. Whether you are building a new state of the art facility or renovating your current facility, we can help design a layout that works best with your space. Not to mention, all of our custom designs are completely FREE!

Technology that Seven Points Indianapolis has worked on.Our third step, after you approve our design, we will start bringing your thoughts to life. We will work with your builders and contractors right away to ensure everything is laid out with precise execution. We will also be here after your project to tweak or adjust any of the technology that we have provided.

Last but not least, step four! We make sure that your technology is helping your company run effectively and efficiently. We will be sure to work with you if any of our technology need adjusting, to make sure that your business is meeting its maximum profitably.

How to contact our Technology Integrators Indianapolis?

Would you trust a plumber to set up electricity in your brand new facility? Neither would I! So why would you trust a contractor to add your technology? Let us do the work how it SHOULD be installed. We would loved to build the best environment for your dental, medical, commercial, or industrial office. Please feel free to reach out for your consultation and free design! We would love to answer any questions that you may have. You can reach us at (317) 590-1745 or fill out a contact form. We cannot wait to be there to assist in the growth of your company. We hope to hear from you soon!