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For many years, Seven Points Technology Integrators has been the go to company for the cities Business Phone Systems. No matter the size of your company, large or small, it is critical to have a phone system to conduct all of your business needs. We offer our integrations into many facilities such as: industrial, commercial, dental, and medical buildings. As important as it is to have a reliable phone system, it is also very important to have affordable phone systems. Finding the best system for your Indianapolis company requires strategic planning. We are here to help you answer some of the question you may run into when looking into your phone systems. If you do not currently need a business phone system, please take a look at the other services we offer.

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Answers for Setting Up Your Phone Systems:

How Many Employees Do I Have?

If your Indianapolis business has one employee and does most of their work from home, you may only need to purchase a supplemental phone to keep their business and personal life separated. Although, if your business has many employees working from the same office then you may want to consider a more substantial centralized Indianapolis phone system.

Will My Employees Be On The Phone Often?

There are many roles within a company that will determine whether or not an employee is on the phone. Receptionists and Sales are two of the main groups, within any business, that will need the use of an Indianapolis Business Phone Systems at all points during the work day. Their role strongly depends on being able to answer a call whenever it may come in. On the other hand, your Marketing Team may not receive calls all too often. The number of calls each team members makes/takes will strongly determine what type of support and phones that you will need from your phone company.

When creating your growing company, it is always important to figure out a budget that you can afford now and as your business grows. Here, at Seven Points, we want to help you find an Indianapolis Business Phone Systems solution within your budget. We want to help you avoid buyer’s remorse, when building your company.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Business Phone Systems Up and Running?

We understand that down time with your phone system can cause your business loss of revenue; therefore, we want to get your business phone systems up as soon as possible. To relieve as much stress as possible, we work closely with your schedule to keep your business on track.

Our Process for Your New Indianapolis Business Phone Systems

Step One- Consultation

The first step in giving you your desired business phone system is a consultation to find out exactly what your business will need. During this meeting, we will determine how to get your office prepared for you new phone system. We will also determine what system you may need.

Step Two – Design

The next step is design to be sure that your facility can handle your phone system in every area of your building. If are working with a contractor to design a new facility, we will work closely with them to outline the correct placement of your technology.

Step Three- Installation

The installation of your new system is the third step in our process. We want to be sure to install your systems in a timely fashion with the most up to date technology out there. We will work with you in placing your equipment in the proper areas of your facility.

Step Four- Results

Lastly, we will go over the results of your new system to determine correct set up of your  system. We will tweak or adjust any of the technology if needed; to be sure that your Indianapolis Business Phone System is running as efficiently as possible.

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