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Technology Integrators Indianapolis Company Enhance your patient's experience by providing a relaxing office environment from waiting to the recovery It is essential... 


Diverse Technology Integrators Indianapolis Company In an industry where attention to detail and patient comfortability is critical, it’s important to work with someone... 


Advanced Technology Integrators Indianapolis Company  More than ever before, businesses are taking large strides to become fully digital in this ever-changing world With... 


Productive Technology Integrators Indianapolis Company More than ever before the industrial manufacturing industry is taking large strides into becoming digital With today's... 

About Us

Technology Integrators Indianapolis

Seven Points, formerly known as Communication Solutions, was founded in 2009 as a small technologies consulting firm. Owner, Dominic Sartino, started Seven Points from the bottom up building the company into the successful, diverse operation that it is today.


Our Process


The Consultation

Consulting with our Technology Integrators Indianapolis Company When your facility decides to take the next step, and revamp their infrastructure with a new facility or a... 


The Design

Design with our Technology Integrators Indianapolis Company It all starts with a plan Whether you are building a brand new state-of-the-art facility or doing a renovation to... 


The Install

Installation with our Technology Integrators Indianapolis  Once you approve our design Seven Points will start working with your builders and contractors immediately to ensure... 


The Results

See Results with our Technology Integrators Indianapolis Company Now it’s time to make your technology work for you  As you settle into your new space, we will work with... 


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