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Experienced Technology Integrators Indianapolis Company

Seven Points delivers experienced, proven results. We meet many difficult communication problems head on to provide the appropriate customized solutions for your specific needs. Our integrated technology design is a great example of how we do business. At Seven Points, we believe in putting in the research and development time ahead of the installation process to ensure any potential issues are addressed. It’s important to us that all of our client’s needs are taken into consideration and incorporated into the design effectively.

Step one – Consultation

Image of desk where consultation may take place with our Technology Integrators Indianapolis company.When your facility decides to take the next step, and revamp their infrastructure with a new facility or a complete renovation, it’s important to have a technology consultant to turn your new build from being reactive, to proactive. Working with our Technology Integrators Indianapolis company will get your office prepared with digital phone systems, sound systems and network wiring, so you are prepared from admissions to discharge.

Step two – Design

It all starts with a plan. Whether you are building a brand new state-of-the-art facility or doing a renovation to your existing facility, you’ll turn to an architect to build a blueprint for your improvements. Now, architects and the construction industry have plans they can put together for electrical, plumbing, flooring and even cabinets, but not technology. That’s where Seven Points steps in.  We will provide a custom design for FREE!

Step three – Install

An Employee from our Technology Integrators Indianapolis working on the computerOnce you approve our design, our Technology Integrators Indianapolis company will start working with your builders and contractors immediately to ensure precise execution of your vision.  We provide solid time lines and work closely with you until the day you open.  As you settle into your new space we will work with you to tweak or adjust any of the technology we have provided.

Step four – Results

Now it’s time to make your technology work for you.  As you settle into your new space, we will work with you to tweak or adjust any of the technology we have provided.  Our #1 goal is that your technology will work for you and make your business more efficient and ultimately more profitable.  Technology is supposed to make your job easier and we will make sure that happens.

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