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Variety at our Technology Integrators Indianapolis Company

Voice – Seven Points will integrate a phone system that works for your needs and budget.  From auto attendant to call Nurses using telephone systemsetup by Technology Integrators Indianapolis.forwarding to client management systems, we can design a phone system that will work ideally for your business model.

Data – Seven Points will work with you and your architect to ensure we have all the data coverage needed for you to operate your business efficiently and effectively.

Video – Seven Points will design an esthetic video plan that enhances your employees’ functionality and meets your customer’s needs.  From waiting room TV’s to patient viewing monitors, we have you covered.

Audio – Seven Points will design an audio plan to enhance the overall office experience.  From zone paging, music and even sound masking systems we can deliver any audio experience you would like in your workspace.

Confrence room with speakers and audio setup by Technology Integrators Indianapolis.Security – Our Technology Integrators Indianapolis company will help you identify your security needs and high-risk areas.  We will design and install a camera system that you can view from the convenience of your smart phone.  We can also integrate camera systems from multiple locations to be viewed in one simple application.

Power – At Seven Points we will work with your architect and builder to ensure all your technology needs have the proper power supplied.  Often architects do their drawings before technology and equipment needs have been considered.

Specialty Needs – At Seven Points we offer a wide array of specialty products.  Smart hubs allow you to control your office from the convenience.  Remote access and other advanced technologies have become extremely popular.  If you can think of it, we can help you design and implement it.

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