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As one of the most distinguished Indianapolis Network Cabling companies, Seven Points is ready to help you with all of your technology needs. Our professionals are skilled to integrate cabling into many different types of buildings. A few of which include, industrial, commercial, dental, and medical buildings. With the technology needed in today’s society, companies are in constant need of innovation and technology to continue growing. With technology being our main focus, we are equipped to handle all of your Indianapolis Network Cabling needs.

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What is Indianapolis Network Cabling?

Indianapolis Network CablingDespite living in the 21st Century, many networks still require cabling for data to be transferred to and from your computers.  There are many different types of cables, which could affect the speed of the network and data you are receiving. Many networks have standards that they set for the cables that access their data. With the original build of your facility, you may have an older type of cable that is no longer supported by your current network, or even your company’s needs. This is where Seven Points Technology Integrators comes in. We are able to install the correct Indianapolis Network Cabling in the areas needed for your company.

Mistakes When Running Indianapolis Network Cabling

  • Planning for the Future

One of the biggest mistakes when running cabling is neglecting to think about the your company’s future needs. When installing cabling, you want to be sure to use cables that be useful now, as well as in the years to come. The installation can be one of the most expensive parts of adding new Indianapolis Network Cabling. You want to be sure that you only have to do it once; therefore, you do not need to go with the most expensive cables- but do not go for the cheapest either.

  • Incorrect Wiring

To save on costs, many companies install cable for voice as well as data. Voice services need a less specific cabling, while data is more specific. If you are planning on saving money by skipping twisted pair cabling, be sure that your cable for your phone matches the data cable type.

  • Installation and Electrical Cables

When installing Indianapolis Network Cabling you want to be sure that you do not run cables parallel with electrical cables. For your network cables, there is a magnetic field that is generated by the low voltage, which is a critical component of the data transfers. There are some forms of cabling (Unshielded Twisted Pairs) which can be disrupted by electrical wiring. The electrical wiring can cause transmissions to become muddled, and in some cases incomplete. Therefore, you want to be sure to cross the wires in a perpendicular fashion.

  • Distance Between Wires

There are different spacing distances required for different cable types. You want to be sure that you find an installer that knows the spacing between each type of cables.

  • Cutting Corners

There is a level of risk assumed when you use an Ethernet switch instead of running Indianapolis Network Cabling. Ethernet switches can cause instability and other elements to a perfectly good design. In some instances it is better to run another cable or two.

  • Fiber Optics for Indianapolis Network CablingNo Cable Management

An easy mistake to make is to not test your new cabling. When you forget to test, there is a potential risk that your cabling was not wired correctly. This may bring the need to have installers come out and find the mistake. Another way to be able to manage your new Indianapolis Network Cabling is to be sure to label and organize your cables, to have easy access if you may need to have maintenance done.

  • Ignoring Local, State, and Federal Code

Within any city or state, there are guidelines that are given that ensure the safety of the building inhabitants. Many contractors or companies may cut corners to save cost and time, sometimes even breaking these codes that have been put in place.

Are You Ready to Contact Our Indianapolis Network Cabling Company?

Seven Points Technology Group would love to sit down with you and learn more about your company. We want to be able to help you install new Indianapolis Network Cabling to satisfy your growing needs. If you have questions, or if you would like someone to take a look at where to start, please contact a representative at Seven Points Technology Group today.  We want you to have the piece of mind that you have the best quality materials and technology for your facility. We cannot wait to work with you with any of your technological needs.