Why is Audio Integration Important to Your Business?

What is Audio Integration?Office audio integration for music

Do you remember, as a child, having your mother scream up the steps for you to come downstairs ? I certain remember my mother’s voice filling the house for everyone to hear! As a professional, this is a method you would gladly avoid. Not only is yelling through the hallways extremely inappropriate, it is highly annoying! As you know, there are many methods of communication within the work place such as walking, phone systems, messaging, and more. However, there are not a lot methods that only target certain areas of a business. One of our “Seven Points,” Audio Integration, can do just that for your business!

Audio Integration for Music

At Seven Points Technology Integrators, we specialize in Audio Integrations throughout your business. Integration of your audio system will not only allow you to have zone paging, but also music and sound masking systems. These systems are great for keeping your clients and your visitors engaged. Silent offices tend to be distracting or unnerving. For this reason, Audio Integration is a key in large buildings and factories! According to Johns Hopkins University, certain types of music can create a healthy learning environment and help people feel welcome to engage in learning experiences. Not only could it help your employees learn, but if Johns Hopkins believes that it helps attitude and motivation to learn by setting up and maintaining attention and focus by cheering up or calming us down.  Additionally, the university also states that music helps build a positive community that brings out cooperation and development.

Zone Paging with Audio IntegrationAudio integration for zone paging in a car dealership.

One of the most common facilities that utilize Audio Integration is car dealerships and large stores. Have you have been in the lobby waiting for your turn to test drive your dream car? Then you have heard a voice over the speaker system letting a salesman know a car was available? Or have you been at Lowes and you hear someone being called in Lawn and Garden? These facilities need an easy way to get the attention of one or multiple employees; therefore, they have integrated zone paging to there audio systems! Once you allow Seven Points Technology Integrator to integrate audio into your facility, you will love how easy it is to reach your employees without causing a massive disturbance to your employees and clients.

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We would love to start working on your Audio Integration on your new facility. We know it is always difficult to start a large project like this! Feel assured that we will take care of the process for you.  If you have any questions or would like us to come take a look at where we can start, please feel free to contact us! Our experienced staff wants you to be satisfied and stress free throughout the whole process! However, if you are just starting to build, we would love to speak with your contractors so that we can work with them to create the best laid out plan for all of you Audio Integration needs. We cannot wait to hear from you!