Learn About Our Process at Seven Points Indianapolis

Is Seven Points right for you?

So you need to set up new technology in your new office space, but you do not know where to start. Well first you need to find the right company in your area. Look no further, Seven Points Indianapolis is your one stop shop! We work with Industrial, Commercial, Dental, and Medical offices, in the Indianapolis area.

What are Our “Seven Points“?

  • Seven Points will design VOICE systems for phone systems that work with client management, auto attendant, and call forwarding.
  • We will make sure that you have the DATA that you need to keep your business day running smoothly.
  • We can build a VIDEO plan to provide your building with patient viewing monitors and waiting room TV’s.
  • We can design an AUDIO plan for zone paging, music, and sound making experience.
  • We keep your SECURITY in mind while designing and installing cameras that you can view from your cellphone.
  • With your architect and builder we ensure your POWER runs to all of your essentials.
  • We can create SPECIALTY NEEDS, such as remote access and other advanced technologies.

Now that you know more about what we can offer, how do you go about requesting our services?

The first step that our Technology Integrators will do is have a consultation with you. We want to be sure to be there from the very beginning to make sure that you are getting the best quality work. We will design a plan with your architectures and builders to make sure your technology needs are adequately met.

The second step is for us to build a design plan for you. Whether you are building a new state of the art facility or renovating your current facility, we can help design a layout that works best with your space. Not to mention, all of our custom designs are completely FREE!

Technology that Seven Points Indianapolis has worked on.Our third step, after you approve our design, we will start bringing your thoughts to life. We will work with your builders and contractors right away to ensure everything is laid out with precise execution. We will also be here after your project to tweak or adjust any of the technology that we have provided.

Last but not least, step four! We make sure that your technology is helping your company run effectively and efficiently. We will be sure to work with you if any of our technology need adjusting, to make sure that your business is meeting its maximum profitably.

How to contact our Technology Integrators Indianapolis?

Would you trust a plumber to set up electricity in your brand new facility? Neither would I! So why would you trust a contractor to add your technology? Let us do the work how it SHOULD be installed. We would loved to build the best environment for your dental, medical, commercial, or industrial office. Please feel free to reach out for your consultation and free design! We would love to answer any questions that you may have. You can reach us at (317) 590-1745 or fill out a contact form. We cannot wait to be there to assist in the growth of your company. We hope to hear from you soon!