Hot Box Pizza

We’ve had the pleasure of working on all the new Hot Box locations in Indianapolis over the last few years. They have a simple, but custom audio-visual concept that keeps their customers comfortable and informed. We look forward to many more projects with this great team.

District Tap

When our friends at the District Tap needed a new phone system we were happy to help.  We integrated a new phone system that incorporated their sales needs and increased call volume.  The management team is great to work with and they were extremely patient as we transferred over to their new phone system.  Wishing the whole District Tap team continued success! 

Angie’s List

We were tasked with revamping the network infrastructure at three of Angie’s list buildings this year. This was a phased project, so it was important to work closely with their construction team to keep all employees online while creating a new network. This was one of our most challenging, but rewarding projects of 2017.