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In an industry where attention to detail and patient comfortability is critical, it’s important to work with someone that helps medical practices accomplish this. Making sure an environment is at the forefront of technology surrounds a patient serves as part of that patient’s continuum of care.

One way to ensure a patient’s upmost care is by using state-of-the art technology that is placed throughout a medical office. From the reception desk to the waiting area and in the patient rooms, it is important to find the best technology throughout to effectively improve a patient experience before, during and even after their visit. Bringing your equipment to the next level will help turn your facility from a medical office to a well-functioning technological machine.

What do we mean by this?

When your facility decides to take the next step and revamp their infrastructure with a new facility or a complete renovation, it’s important to have a tech consultant to turn your new build from being reactive, to proactive. Working with our Technology Integrators Indianapolis company will get your office prepared with digital phone systems, sound systems and network wiring, so you are prepared from admissions to discharge.

It is more important today more than ever before to utilize technological solutions in a more strategic way and transform your patient’s expectations in the process.

How do I do this?

With the right tools at your fingertips, Seven Points gives your administrators, clinicians, and physician’s easy access to an in-house network to obtain patient records. Those patient records can give them an overview of the medical history and take note of the patient’s current needs and any important discussion points. Doing so, each patient that walks through the door has an individual experience full of comfort and care.

However, easily accessed patient records are just one part. Patients themselves will be able to utilize provided technology to access in-room entertainment on top of their educational materials. So long to the days of the antenna, say hello to digital monitors wired in to your facility’s network.

Technological benefits do not stop with a big television screen though. Not only can patients access cable and access programming from your network, but they can connect to your internet and any mobile apps you might use on facility-provided tablets, and much more.

Our Technology Integrators Indianapolis company incorporates these technologies with architectural blueprints to help improve patient care and overall staff efficiency. Working with us will help empower all healthcare professionals and their patients; ensuring that the right information is delivered at the right time to achieve the best possible results.

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