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At Seven Points, we are one of the most prominent Technology Integrators Indianapolis company in the area. A vast majority of companies are implementing a variety of applications and systems into place to gain a competitive edge over their employers. We live in a technology-driven environment that requires flexibility and constant updates. Are you in tune with what your company needs to be on the cutting edge? We are a technology-based company based out of Indianapolis that can get your business on track.

Experienced Technology Integrators Indianapolis

We have over 20 plus years in the technology industry and have worked with many types of industries. Seven Points provides our clients with solutions to their communication needs. We have worked with numerous types of industries throughout the years, here are a few that we focus on:


More and more manufacturing companies around the Indianapolis area are becoming more digital as the years go on. These changes have boosted production and streamlined their processes to ensure overall efficiency in the workplace. If you are building a new facility or updating your current, our Technology Integrators Indianapolis company will get a plan together to make sure you are ready when the construction is complete.


In the commercial industry, most companies are slowly becoming fully digital. The days of filing cabinets, one phone system and in person meetings have become less and less. We can implement a plan for your company to easily access your phone, data and video for your conference calls and meetings.


In the dental industry, you need reliable equipment since you are dealing with individual’s health. The dental industry needs to have a well-integrated office, which is both functional and adaptable for all. When you have reliable equipment you provide your patients the utmost care and a comfortable environment. Having a phone system that is efficient is a necessary tool in the medical industry. Let our Technology Integrators Indianapolis company begin to streamline your features to provide excellent customer service all around.


When caring for patients in a medical setting, there is no room for error and technology glitches. You need the latest and most efficient equipment to ensure your patients are taken care of and in a timely fashion. From the second you walk in the door until they visit the doctor, the equipment needs to all flow together and communicate to provide your patients with safety and comfortability. Bringing your technology up to date will allow patients to receive information faster and also have the whole communication process run more smoothly.

What does our Technology Integrators Indianapolis Company Provide?

Here are our key 7 points to provide to our Indianapolis clients.

  1. Voice
  2. Data
  3. Video
  4. Audio
  5. Security
  6. Power
  7. Specialty Needs

To make your life easier and your company flow more efficiently, we provide a wide range of services to your Indianapolis company. With our voice services, we provide a platform that offers a variety of features from call forwarding, intercoms, to auto attendants. Your phone system will always be in communication with your clients in some form. Our data packages will provide your business with coverage throughout, so no client is lost. When you have clients all across the company and globe, video capability is extremely important. We will provide you state of the art technology that makes you feel like you are in front of the client in the same room. Our audio equipment will provide an overall positive office environment. From zone page to music throughout, we can deliver it all. Our security will make your company feel safe and secure. Have access from your smartphones and tablets, whenever you need and also cameras with multiple views, to protect your Indianapolis company. Let our Technology Integrators Indianapolis team work with your builder and ensure your power is properly suited for your technology needs. We also offer remote access panels, smart hubs and a variety of other specialty products. With your creative mind and our experience in technology, we can make anything happen.

Our Process by our Technology Integrators Indianapolis

Consultation – When we have our initial consultation, we will spend time learning about your business and what steps we can take to improve your technology overall. Learning more about your day to day, will help our team provide you with a solution to increase productivity and provide you with technology fitted uniquely for your needs.

Design – It all begins with a plan that is suitable to your Indianapolis company. And our custom design plans are FREE. We will go in detail what to expect and provide a plan of how these features will be implemented into your business.

Install – Once we implement the design plan and these are approved, we will set up an installation date that works with your schedule. We can work with your building, contractors and any other groups to ensure we are all aware of any codes, plans, etc. Our technology group will then provide a timeframe of completion and once you are fully moved in, if any tweaks need to be made, we are here to help.

Results – When you are all settled in and your technology is up and running, our goal is to provide your business with a streamlined process. We want your business to be successful and all communication to flow flawlessly.

Why Choose Our Technology Integrators Indianapolis

  • Locally owned and operated Indianapolis company
  • Over 20 plus years of experience in the technology industry
  • Variety of solutions provided to all types of industries
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Video, voice, data, audio, security, power and specialty needs

Contact our Technology Integrators Indianapolis

Feel free to browse over our site and learn more about our technology company. View our testimonials that are satisfied clients have shared about their experiences. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact one of our trained staff. We look forward to working with our Technology Integrators Indianapolis company.